The Cost of Privacy: Netflix – Three Years & Three-Quarters of a Million Dollars

March 13, 2013
| Blogs & Op-eds

Today, Netflix announced a new feature—“Netflix Social”—which lets users share the TV shows and movies they watch on Netflix with their friends on Facebook. This was made possible because of an update to a privacy law. In this blog, ITIF Senior Analyst Daniel Castro argues that this is a clear example of how privacy laws can stall innovation. In this case, the cost of privacy was approximately three years and three-quarter of a million dollars.

The FTC’s Top Consumer Priority Should be Identity Theft

March 7, 2013
| Blogs & Op-eds

As Commissioner Ramirez begins her new term, senior analyst Daniel Castro encourages her to consider how the FTC can be more effective at making meaningful progress in addressing identity theft, such as through better use of technology. By building on its previous efforts, the FTC can reduce the financial pain and inconveniences incurred by the practice and better address the needs of American consumers.

"Do Not Track" Legislation is Harmful to the Internet Economy

WASHINGTON (February 28, 2013) - The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) responded to the reintroduction of "Do Not Track" legislation by U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller, calling it detrimental policy that undermines the economic foundation of the Internet and makes consumers worse off.

The bill, which was originally introduced in 2011, would prohibit companies from collecting personal information about Internet users if a consumer opted out, except for data collected to ensure a website's basic functionality. Read more »

New Rule Puts Cloak of Privacy on Children’s Apps

The Sacramento Bee
Daniel Castro expressed the concern that COPPA rules could “leak out” of the children’s environment and impact other websites.

Will Privacy Protections Ruin the Internet?

The Wall Street Journal
Even the do-not-track clause — arguably the Obama administration’s biggest proposal to promote online privacy — may be a step too far, says Daniel Castro.

FTC Disclosure Report Overemphasizes Privacy at the Expense of Innovation

WASHINGTON (February 1, 2013) - The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation responded to the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) report "Mobile Privacy Disclosures: Building Trust Through Transparency," calling it too focused on protecting privacy without taking into account the overall effect on the user experience.
Read more »

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