Why You Should Care About the Federal Budget

March 20, 2014
| Blogs & Op-eds

The President’s FY 2015 budget proposal does direct funding toward a number of important initiatives in R&D, while also spurring the commercialization of innovations. However, it does not arrest the long-term trend of continued underinvestment in the core building blocks of U.S. competitiveness.

ITIF Praises Proposed Creation of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation

Two Cheers for Martin Baily’s “U.S. Manufacturing”

February 14, 2014
| Blogs & Op-eds

A new study by Martin Bailey and Barry Bosworth confirms previous research conducted by ITIF which shows a steep decline in U.S. manufacturing output over the last decade. This new data will hopefully serve as a wakeup call for policymakers on the need to address the competitiveness and growth issues faced by this vital sector.

Can Google's Robots Build a New Future for US Manufacturing?

The Verge
The real choice is between continued erosion of our manufacturing capabilities or a more revolutionary transformation through technology.

Tax Reform for U.S. Manufacturing

February 12, 2014
| Blogs & Op-eds

The United States has one of the highest effective corporate tax rates in the world, especially for manufacturers. If we want to improve competitiveness and job growth this has to change.

Manufacturing Institutes are Key to Revitalizing Manufacturing in the U.S.

The Guardian
Rob Atkinson argues the proposed NNMI is crucial to improving U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.

Countries Policies to Support Advanced Manufacturing

February 5, 2014
| Presentations

Stephen Ezell reviewed countries developing new industrial polices that target leadership in advanced manufacturing, investments in R&D, tech commercialization and advanced manufacturing capacity of SMEs to the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology.

Reaction to Speech: Thanks for New Innovation Centers but Policies Need Help

Industry Week
Six new NNMI centers will bolster the sector, however better policies are needed to create more manufacturing jobs.
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