In the 2000s, total private capital stock grew 13 times more than manufacturing capital stock (22 percent versus 1.8 percent).

ITIF was not surprised by the Department of Labor's most recent unimpressive data on manufacturing job gains. American manufacturing declined sharply over a decade and, as ITIF showed back in March, total private capital stock grew 13 times more than manufacturing capital stock (22 percent vs. 1.8 percent) in the 2000s. Compare this to growth in the funds and trusts industry (e.g., the mutual funds industry) and performing arts and spectator sports (e.g., sports stadiums), which grew 64 percent and 90 percent, respectively. Read more »

WIRE-Net Annual Meeting

June 27, 2012
| Presentations

WIRE-Net's Board of Directors invited Rob Atkinson to address this year's Annual Meeting because of his work promoting U.S. based manufacturing, organizing the American Manufacturing Charter, which is supported by a coalition of labor, business, and economic policy leaders and organizations. 

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We Have a Sharing Problem

June 13, 2012
| Blogs & Op-eds

U.S. statistical agencies are barred by law from sharing important microdata with one another, and this leads to statistics on the U.S. economy that are badly inaccurate. The remedy is simple—in theory.

U.S. Manufacturing: Policies for a New Economic Reality

June 12, 2012
| Presentations

On July 12, 2012, the Governance Studies program at Brookings will host a half-day conference focused on fortifying manufacturing to improve the United States’ future economic performance, social mobility and edge in innovation.

Rob Atkison will present on the panel "How Labor and Manufacturers Are Forging Manufacturing’s New Path."

Time to Turn NNMI from Concept to Reality

May 31, 2012
| Blogs & Op-eds

Examining the hearing demonstrating there is bipartisan interest in making U.S. manufacturing more competitive. The Administration must seize on this. Rather than waiting for the Hill to put the meat on the bone with the NNMI, Administration officials draft specific legislation and work with lawmakers in earnest to turn concept into reality.

Business Horizon Series: Rob Atkinson

May 17, 2012
Rob Atkinson's presentation on U.S. manufacturing to the National Chamber Foundation.

The National Chamber Foundation, together with the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation as well as the National Association of Manufacturers, hosted a half-day program focused on how we may build American competitiveness through manufacturing. Featuring a keynote and discussions led by noted leaders in the business community and policy arenas, it examined the essential ingredients for a dynamic and prosperous manufacturing sector in America.

Trading Myths

May 16, 2012
| Blogs & Op-eds

Too many people will likely read the McKinsey Global Institute report, "Trading Myths," and come to exactly the wrong conclusion, especially about the United States. For it is one thing to compare a large group of developing countries, but the reality is that not all these nations are the same in their performance, particularly the United States.