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Genetically Modified Foods: Truth about Labeling

October 8, 2013
This panel discussion sponsored by the Heritage Foundation examined the history, science and policy implications surrounding GMOs.

There is significant misinformation and confusion about genetically modified foods (or GMOs), which now make up a major part of the American diet. Anti-GMO activists are seeking to combat GMOs by pushing for labeling mandates on the state and federal levels. These mandates are being promoted as pro-consumer but their effect will be the opposite by creating greater misinformation. Read more »

Ag Biotech Opponents Want the US to Emulate European Regulation of Biotechnology – They Should Think Again.

September 13, 2013
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GMO crops are every bit as safe as any other and this is acknowledged by a staggering preponderance of scientific opinion around the world. Unfortunately, the professional opposition to agricultural biotechnology has succeeded in scaring enough scientifically illiterate politicians to lead to indefensible and prejudicial regulations that inhibit innovation and hamper dissemination of cheaper and more productive crops.

Bills Would Spur Private Competition for Taxpayer-Funded Ag Research

Gannett News Service
Val Giddings argued more research is critical to finding ways to double global food production by 2050 to keep pace with population growth.

Val Giddings argued more research is critical to finding ways to double global food production by 2050 to keep pace with population growth.

Peer Review – Where you thought it ended? That’s just the beginning!

July 12, 2013
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A recent journal article claiming that certain GMO products were found to cause tumors in rats was promoted by advocates as “peer-reviewed evidence” that GMO’s are a safety risk. However a closer review of the article’s methodology and the peer review process itself shows that these claims are false and harmful to the broader scientific discussion and policy debate.

The GM safety dance: What’s rule and what’s real

Val Giddings analyzes the extensive federal regulatory framework for genetically modified foods.

Predictive Analytics and How to Decide Who Should Receive Organ Transplants

July 8, 2013
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As society increasingly relies on data to make predictions, some fear that they will be caught on the wrong side of an equation: a healthy individual might be denied medical coverage, a reformed criminal might be denied parole, or a financially-stable consumer might be denied credit. These fears are misguided. While critics are correct that no algorithm will be right 100 percent of the time, what many people do not realize is that we already live in a world of predictions, we are just not always that good at making them. Fortunately, better use of data analytics can help us make fewer errors.

Escaped Wheat Shows Difficulty of Controlling Crop Tests

Val Giddings discusses the policy implications surrounding the control of GM seed movement.

The Future of Agriculture in a Warming World

April 19, 2013
| Blogs & Op-eds

In an opinion piece for Agri-Pulse, Val Giddings and Matthew Stepp urge that we must transform and reinvest in our international agricultural innovation ecosystem to produce more productive, resilient crops for a hungrier and warmer world. This is the one of our most powerful tools to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s population. They propose that world governments must spend far more on agricultural research and development, governments must stand up to the false propaganda perpetuated by some advocates and eliminate or prevent scientifically indefensible laws and regulations related to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and that governments must strengthen international institutions to serve as renewed hubs for agricultural innovation.

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