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Testimony on How Journalism Will Survive in the Internet Age

March 9, 2010
| Testimony and Filings

How will journalism survive in the digital age? We have seen many venerable publications close. Many of those that remain have cut staff as more and more content and readership migrate online. But in testimony delivered a Federal Trade Commission workshop, ITIF President Rob Atkinson argued that new technologies and ways of seeking and obtaining information could actually help what we call newspapers survive and even thrive. Flexible displays and customization of content and advertising could create publications readers will greatly value and bring in ad revenue. There could be a period of uncertainty ahead, but it might be the new technologies that actually reinvigorate newspapers and magazines rather than threaten them. (see pages 116-129)

Federal Trade Commission Workshop on Journalism in the Digital Age

March 9, 2010
| Presentations

ITIF President Rob Atkinson will talk about technologies to lower the cost of journalism and other issues during a two-day workshop the FTC to explore how the Internet has affected journalism. The workshop will assemble representatives from print, online, broadcast and cable news organizations, academics, consumer advocates, bloggers, and other new media representatives. Dr. Atkinson is speaking at 2:15 on March 9.  The event is free and open to the public. It will take place the FTC headquarters in Washington.

For more information visit the FTC.

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