Intellectual Property

Stopping the Pirates Who Roam the Web

The New York Times
In a Letter to the Editor, Rob Atkinson argues that the fact that some advanced users will be able to evade IP piracy countermeasures is no reason to drop those countermeasures from the Protect IP Act.

Strategies to Reduce Barriers to the Free Flow of Information Online

June 17, 2011
| Blogs & Op-eds

The U.S. should work to improve the global free flow of information by reducing barriers, protecting content and improving trust online.

Why the U.S. Needs to Blacklist, Censor Pirate Websites

Ars Technica
Piracy runs rampant on the Internet, but ITIF Senior Analyst Daniel Castro says it doesn't have to be this way.

Promoting Investment and Protect Commerce Online: Legitimate Sites vs. Parasites

March 14, 2011
| Testimony and Filings

Testimony from Daniel Castro before the House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property Competition and the Internet, on strategies to combat parasitic sites that steal American IP.

And the Winner Is...

March 4, 2011
| Blogs & Op-eds

Increasing copyright infringement should be recognized as a global problem, not just because it happens in every country, but because in a global economy, the losses will be shared by many. The USTR's "Out-Of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets" should serve as a reminder to every country that contributes to the creative economy that they have a stake in protecting intellectual property. It should also remind Congress that one reason they should take action domestically is because too little is being done by our international partners and, at least for the near future, we have the most to lose.

ITIF Urges Senate Action to Combat Digital Piracy

In written testimony submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee, ITIF Senior Analyst Daniel Castro made the case for balanced but aggressive action to combat online piracy. Read more »

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