Economic Theory

Brazil in the Global Innovation System

June 21, 2013
| Presentations

Robert Atkinson addresses where Brazil is in regard to innovation and innovation policy as well as implications for policymakers. Policymakers are reminded that innovation and productivity are the key to growth and the right innovation policy drives growth.

Amateur Political Philosophy

June 20, 2013
| Blogs & Op-eds

In a new article, prominent conservative economist Gregory Mankiw defends the rich because he believes they have brought us value commensurate with their wealth. But this conception of a “fair” market is premised on ignoring government’s role. We need to understand government as a critical partner in the creation of our market economy.

Data Is Not PRISM: In Defense of Analytics

June 20, 2013
| Blogs & Op-eds

In the wake of the leaks that revealed the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) PRISM surveillance program, several recent articles have responded with criticism of “big data.” But while data science, like any other technology, can be misused, it’s important for policymakers not to discourage its use in general.

New Book Argues Human Nature Caused the "Great Recession"

Prospering Through Innovation Economics

April 16, 2013
| Blogs & Op-eds

Europe faces a quandary. The difficult fiscal straits most European nations face precludes “Keynesian” stimulus policies to spur demand. Yet austerity is a recipe for stagnation, even decline. But without austerity, budget deficits threaten the trust in financial institutions. ITIF president Rob Atkinson proposes five approaches to cope with this quandary and for Europe to maintain it's global competitiveness: embrace "innovation economics," embrace Schumpeter, embrace high productivity in all sectors, embrace work, and embrace an anti-mercantilist alliance with America. 

Innovation Economics: Growth and Living Standards in a Global Economy

April 3, 2013
| Presentations

The Policy Network in London will host a lunchtime debate on Innovation Economics: Growth and Living Standards in a Global Economy featuring Rob Atkinson on Wednesday, April 3, 2013. Register with the Policy Network.

Europe and America in the New Race for Global Advantage: Will Both Win?

March 26, 2013
| Presentations

Over the last decade, both the European and U.S. economies have felt the impact of a new race for global innovation advantage, and the troubled state of both economies shows that neither has responded effectively to this challenge. Dr. Robert D. Atkinson, President of the Washington, DC-based ITIF, and author of Innovation Economics: The Race for Global Innovation Advantage will discuss how nations and the world are competing for innovation advantage, what the implications are for the U.S. and European economies, and what both regions must do to win the race and restore robust economic growth.

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Investing in Innovation for the Future: Science and Technology

March 21, 2013
| Presentations

ITIF president Rob Atkinson will present on the issues related to science and technology, as well as investing in research and development for the future, in a special presentation from Innovation Economics hosted by the Chicago Council on Science and Technology.

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Policy by “Sunday Drivers”

March 11, 2013
| Blogs & Op-eds

Sunday op-ed writers should consider the facts before urging public policymakers to make changes to clean energy and copyright policy.

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