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The Importance of Cross-Border Data Flows for Traditional Industries

February 24, 2015 - 9:00am - 10:30am
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Here’s What’s Good for Data in Obama’s 2016 Budget

February 17, 2015
| Blogs & Op-eds

From developing powerful new medical technologies to improving financial transparency, President Obama’s 2016 budget proposal includes numerous data-focused, non-partisan provisions that will offer great benefits to the public and private sector. Congress should be sure to keep this in mind as it develops its own proposal.

Congress Should Not Undo Progress on Financial Data Reform

February 11, 2015
| Blogs & Op-eds

While there have been some challenges in implementing data-favorable policies we should not abandon or impede the process in the name of reform. For example, Congress would better serve stakeholders by requiring that more, not less, information be submitted to government agencies, such as the SEC, in machine-readable formats, and abandoning the redundant requirement for document-based forms.

A Lot of Private Sector Data is Also Used for Public Good

February 4, 2015
| Blogs & Op-eds

Data collected by the private sector is being used to advance medical research, to help students make better academic decisions and to provide government agencies and nonprofits with actionable insights. Despite this, writes Josh New in Computer World, many inside and outside of government are calling for legislation to restrict the collection and use of data by the private sector. This could have a distinct chilling effect on such data-driven innovation and hamper multiple efforts to improve society.

FTC report focuses on security, 'data minimization' for Internet of Things

The IoT conversation in Washington is too focused on risks and concerns, and instead should be centered on how government can be an active partner in working with industry.

FTC Recommends Limits on Data Collection via Internet of Things

Wall Street Journal
In calling for companies to reduce their use of data, the FTC misses the point that data is the driving force behind innovation,” says Daniel Castro.

The Internet of Things Is Getting a Rule Book

The FTC privacy report featured three pages on the benefits of the IoT and nine pages on the risks, that is a little lopsided, says Daniel Castro.

FTC Calls on IoT Vendors to Protect Privacy

IDG News Service
The FTC’s call for broad-based privacy legislation is an attempt to “shoehorn old ideas” onto a new technology.

FTC’s Internet of Things Report Misses the Mark

Data Innovation Day 2015

January 22, 2015 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm
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