Innovation, including the diffusion of information technology throughout the economy, is key to boosting productivity, which in turn is at the heart of increasing living standards.

The U.S. Copyright System is Essential to American Innovation

Half a Loaf on Immigration: Why High Skill Immigration Reform is Essential

July 18, 2013
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Amidst the continuing fireworks over illegal immigration and immigration reform, many people might forget that around one set of immigration issues—the need for more high-skilled immigrants—Congress has already long come to agreement.

Brazil ranks 32nd in the world in the number of resident patents granted.

The Brazilian government must introduce policy reforms that will spur domestic innovation and entrepreneurship. A key area of focus should be the nation's outdated patent system. Currently it takes 5 to 8 years to be granted a patent in Brazil compared to an average of 3 years in the United States.

CBO Report Says Immigration Bill Benefits the Middle Class (don’t listen to those claiming otherwise)

July 9, 2013
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Some commentators have misunderstood the projected impact of the Senate immigration bill, which is projected to have clear benefits for the middle class.

Innovation is Still the Answer

July 2, 2013
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Some argue that technology is changing too much too fast, others that it is changing too little too slow. The truth is in between, but that does not mean we should sit back and relax. We need continued, deliberate innovation policies in order to increase living standards and maintain competitiveness

Since 1996, productivity growth in the European Union has been 33% lower than the United States.

European growth lags U.S. growth, both before and after the Great Recession. Since 1996, productivity growth in the European Union has been 33% lower than the United States according to a recent survey by The Conference Board . A key reason is lower productivity and a key reason for that is lower use of information and communications technologies by companies. Read more »

What's Behind Brazil's Demonstrations? Poor Economic Policy.

July 1, 2013
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Recent demonstrations in Brazil were sparked by specific grievances against the government. But the underlying frustrations stems from failed economic policies that have slowed productivity growth and hurt entrepreneurialism.


Photo: Nuno Cardoso

Time for Secretary Kerry to Get Tough with India

June 27, 2013
| Blogs & Op-eds

Secretary of State John Kerry was in India this week for the fourth U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue. Secretary Kerry's mission is designed to enhance what has been a traditionally strong trade and diplomatic relationship between the two countries. Unfortunately, storm clouds loom on the horizon that need to be addressed to ensure that this relationship remains effective and in the best interest of both countries.

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