3 Myths about “Bad for America” Cable Merger

USA Today
The argument that the Comcast/Time Warner merger will hamper broadband speeds is inaccurate and misleading.

Net Neutrality Misunderstandings

April 26, 2014
| Blogs & Op-eds

A large number of misunderstandings are being reported with regard to the FCC's latest attempts to codify net neutrality rules. ITIF offers to help clear them up in the hopes that Chairman Wheeler is undeterred from what appears to be a reasonable way forward. 

Broadband Faces a Fork in the Road

Doug Brake argues there needs to be a balance between expansion of gigabit networks and improving existing infrastructure.

Defending the Deal: Comcast and Time Warner Head to DC

April 9, 2014
Doug Brake discussed the Comcast/Time Warner merger with Stephanie Sy on Al Jazeera America’s AM News.

Doug Brake discussed the Comcast/Time Warner merger with Stephanie Sy on Al Jazeera America’s AM News. Brake argued the merger could be good for consumers by increasing economies of scale and enhancing telecom innovation.

Government Funded Networks: What (Little) We Learn from Recent Reports

March 27, 2014
| Blogs & Op-eds

A recent report from the Government Accountability Office examines the way small businesses use ten different federally subsidized or municipally run networks. Unfortunately, it is difficult to draw any general conclusions from the report, as it draws on only a handful of interviews with users of a select few networks – a limitation the report itself acknowledges. 

The Role of Technical Experts in Modern Telecom/Technology Policymaking

March 25, 2014
| Presentations

Doug Brake co-moderated Hot Technical Topics in Telecommunications and the Role of Technical Experts in Modern Telecom/Technology Policymaking.

How to Misuse American Customer Satisfaction Index Data to Try to Block a Merger

March 24, 2014
| Blogs & Op-eds

Opponents of the Comcast/TWC merger have used data from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index as mud to sling in their holy war against consolidated markets. However, the low scores reflect the complexity of the providing high-quality internet and tv and frustration over call centers, not deeply embedded problems of competitiveness. If anything, a merger would help, not hurt, company's ability to better serve consumers. 

Cable, A Monopoly… If You Ignore Competitors

March 19, 2014
| Blogs & Op-eds

If you are going to oppose cable consolidation, at least recognize the current competition and acknowledge the benefits to a light-touch regulatory regime based on intermodal competition.

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