Death to Nuance!

January 5, 2011
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A Yale Law and Policy Review article by former Obama Administration staffer Susan Crawford claims the National Broadband Plan forecasts a monopoly future for American broadband. ITIF Senior Fellow Richard Bennett examines Crawford’s claims and finds them misleading.

Has the FCC Created a Stone Too Heavy for It to Lift?

December 23, 2010
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Among the issues the 112th Congress will grapple with is the FCC's pre-Christmas adoption of new rules governing the Internet. In a follow-up blog post to ITIF's statement, Senior Research Fellow Richard Bennett comments on the hyperbolic assessments from groups on the left and right and offers general praise on the FCC's move. At the same time, he flags a concern about the rules related to "transport services," noting, "where the early drafts permitted these services as long as they were offered for sale on a non-discriminatory basis, the final rule arbitrarily presumes them harmful." When it comes to the technical questions that will arise as the FCC moves to implement the order, Bennett worries that the FCC may have built a "stone too heavy to lift."

A Baby/Bathwater Kind of Thing

December 22, 2010
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Washington Post gadget blogger Rob Pegoraro finds fault with video phones but rejects the means to make them work better.

ITIF Supports FCC Open Internet Framework

The Information and Technology Foundation supports the Open Internet framework adopted by the FCC today. The order brings an especially dramatic chapter in the Internet’s story to a successful close and benefits the Internet economy. While the framework is not everything that we would have liked, it nevertheless represents progress. Read more »

Obama’s Broadband Punt

Rob Atkinson weighs in on the progress of the President's National Broadband Plan.

Now Playing: Video Over the Internet

December 9, 2010
| Reports

The conflict between Comcast and Level 3 over the Internet peering capacity needed to support Netflix streaming is an Internet de-peering dispute with wider ramifications. As TV moves to the Internet, ISPs will be required to make massive changes in the engineering of their regional sub-networks as well as major revisions to their business models. Policymakers should refrain from getting overly involved in this dispute, even though it's been represented as a net neutrality issue. Changing models of Internet usage have economic implications that have no good answer as of yet.

Keep the FCC

December 7, 2010
ITIF Senior Research Fellow Richard Bennett argues in favor of keeping the FCC and discusses the status of the FCC’s Open Internet framework.

Hedge-fund manager Andy Kessler wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal last Friday in favor of shutting down the FCC. Tech Crunch TV’s Andrew Keen asked Kessler to explain his opinion in a video interview. Read more »

Statement on Behalf of ITIF by ITIF Senior Research Fellow Richard Bennett on FCC Chairman Genachowski’s Framework for an Open Internet

"FCC Chairman Julius Genachowki unveiled the main elements of a very sensible Open Internet framework in his speech at the FCC today. We believe the Chairman’s plan will be broadly supported, and for good reasons. We also believe the plan will help tamp down the often acrimonious controversy over how to best oversee the development of the Internet, establish regulatory clarity, and promote investment in faster and more pervasive broadband networks.

In general terms, the framework strikes all the right notes: Read more »