Breakfast Briefing: Broadband Internet Competition in the Digital Age

August 27, 2012
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Changes in the broadband Internet market are affecting industry players, consumers and the policymakers who oversee this space. Innovation and technology policy thought leader Robert D. Atkinson will engage Jonathan Sallet and Jeff Eisenach in an interactive discussion of their views on the dynamics of broadband competition: Sallet's "Broadband Value Circle" and Eisenach's "Theories of Broadband Competition."

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Industry Groups Highly Critical of FCC Broadband Report

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ITIF took issue with the commission, saying, "The FCC's latest 706 Report on the progress of broadband deployment in the United States reaches the erroneous conclusion that we're not making reasonable progress toward bringing broadband networking to all Americans."

ITIF Says U.S. Broadband is Making Progress Despite Conclusions in "706 Report"

WASHINGTON (August 22, 2012) - Richard Bennett, Senior Research Fellow at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, addressed the "706 Report" released by the Federal Communication Commission on August 21, 2012 with the following statement: Read more »

Full Speed Ahead for Verizon and Cable

August 20, 2012
| Blogs & Op-eds

The Justice Department has given the go-ahead to a very interesting transaction between Verizon Wireless and the cable companies, with certain conditions. The government’s review followed the template ITIF suggested in the comments we filed with the FCC in February, where the spectrum transaction and the other arrangements were evaluated separately. While the FCC is tasked with reviewing the spectrum transaction, the commercial arrangement was examined by Justice. Commentary by left interest groups focuses on the resale agreements between Verizon Wireless and the cable companies and ignores the much more interesting joint venture to develop intellectual property. So what we have here is a very thorough analysis by the Justice Department that comes to a very sound conclusion and a lot of poorly-reasoned objections from groups that aren’t even willing to admit that broadband in the United States is moving in the right direction.

Broadband Cherry-Picking: Bennett Rebuts New America Foundation Report on Broadband Service

WASHINGTON - ITIF Senior Research Fellow Richard Bennett offered a sharp critique of the latest report from the New America Foundation (NAF) on the quality and cost of broadband service in the United States.

Bennett wrote on ITIF's blog the NAF's Open Technology Institute report "The Cost of Connectivity" offers a misleading and inaccurate critique of U.S. broadband service for a variety of reasons: Read more »

Broadband Cherry-Picking

July 25, 2012
| Blogs & Op-eds

The NAF's Open Technology Institute report "The Cost of Connectivity" offers a misleading and inaccurate critique of U.S. broadband service for a variety of reasons:

  • NAF claims the United States is declining internationally when we've actually improved dramatically in the last two years on both wired and wireless speed rankings.
  • The report compares the costs of triple-play bundles of TV, phone, and Internet service which go considerably beyond simple connectivity, ignoring the fact that a significant part of U.S. consumers' broadband bills covers the cost of the content. Sports, network television series, and movies tend to have higher contract and production costs in the U. S. than in most other countries.
  • It wrongly compares rates charged by boutique ISPs with under 1,000 customers in urban areas to those charged by companies that serve millions of people in suburban and rural areas.
  • It ignores the fact that customers in many other countries enjoy hidden subsidies.

The Present of Video

June 27, 2012
| Blogs & Op-eds

In anticipation of the June 27, 2012 House Energy and Commerce Hearing "The Future of Video," Richard Bennett examined the issues, the witnesses, and what a hearing like this means for consumers and networks.

Van Schewick’s View of Net Neutrality and Quality of Service

June 14, 2012
| Blogs & Op-eds

Richard Bennett compares and contrasts three influential reports (Van Schewick, Wu, Atkinson and Weiser) on the Internet and Quality of Service, as well as examining what their findings and conclusions will mean for future study for the issues.

ITIF Calls FCC Panel on Open Internet a "Missed Opportunity"

WASHINGTON - ITIF Senior Research Fellow Richard Bennett responded to the FCC's announcement of an advisory committee to consider issues related to Internet service with the following statement: Read more »