Not News: Deploying Broadband Costs Less in Dense Cities

December 31, 2013
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An unfortunate idea continues to circulate in the mainstream press: in this case, a piece recently published by The New York Times proclaims that the “U.S. Struggles to Keep Pace in Delivering Broadband Service.” Such headlines perpetuate an argument that, although appealing in its simplicity, is ill-founded and dangerous in its policy implications. 

Economic Evidence on Competition in Communications Markets and Implications for Key Policy Issues

December 12, 2013
| Testimony and Filings

As new FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler begins his tenure, Robert Atkinson and a group of leading economists file comments on the proper role for government in managing telecommunications. This includes policies focused on maximizing innovation and consumer welfare to ensure that American businesses and citizens have access to the highest quality broadband and telecommunications technologies available.

ITIF Adds Doug Brake as Telecommunications Policy Analyst

What is a Fair Price For Broadband?

October 31, 2013
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A new report by the New America Foundation purports to show that broadband in American cities is slow and overpriced. Unfortunately, their attempt falls flat due to methodological issues.

New America Foundation Report Finds Municipal Broadband Providers Gouging Consumers

October 29, 2013
| Blogs & Op-eds

New America Foundation's report, "The Cost of Connectivity 2013" purports to make the case that U.S. private sector broadband providers charge too much relative to providers in other nations. 

New Broadband Study Gives Inaccurate Picture of Telecom Performance

ITIF Calls on Congress to Focus Telecom Policy on Broadband Innovation

US Broadband’s Latest Report Card

October 18, 2013
| Blogs & Op-eds

On October 16, Akami released its quarterly state of the Internet rankings comparing nations around the world on broadband speeds. The United States continued its upward trajectory, improving in both average connection speed and average peak connection speed. This new data further illustrates that the claims of some broadband Casandras, such as Susan Crawford, regarding the weakness of U.S. broadband networks are highly misleading.

The Internet Protocol Transition: Where Do We Stand?

September 27, 2013
This panel discussion explored where the nation stands in regards to the IP transition and the policies required to enable the transition.

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The Whole Picture: Where America’s Broadband Networks Really Stand

September 29, 2013
| Presentations

Robert Atkinson presented The Whole Picture: Where America's Broadband Networks Really Stand at the Telecommunications Policy Research Conference.