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August 4, 2011 | Richard Bennett
A new report from the FCC shows that American broadband users are getting what they pay for.
August 1, 2011 | Matt Hourihan
A look at Australia’s new climate change package, which includes a carbon price and clear investment in innovation.
July 29, 2011 | Matt Hourihan
In a time of austerity, drilling revenues could offer a supplementary source of clean energy innovation.
July 27, 2011 | Richard Bennett
Bandwidth consumption limits lead to fair and equitable sharing of broadband networks and should be endorsed by network regulators.
July 27, 2011 | Robert D. Atkinson
The nation's economic health depends on a federal plan to support the revival of advanced manufacturing.
July 26, 2011 | Matthew Stepp
The Battery Innovation Act of 2011 offers a cohesive and comprehensive approach to battery innovation and clean energy policy.
July 18, 2011 | Stephen Ezell
PCAST’s June 2011 Advanced Manufacturing Report mischaracterizes industrial policy as compared to innovation policy.
July 15, 2011 | Val Giddings
A recent class action lawsuit against ConAgra for selling biotech derived corn and canola oil as "natural" is not based on scientific fact.
July 13, 2011 | Matthew Stepp
Lack of support for central energy innovation programs in the 2012 budget will harm economic growth and reduce our ability to curb carbon emissions.
July 7, 2011 | Robert D. Atkinson
Job growth could be created with a tax holiday to bring back overseas profits, a manufacturing strategy, and overcoming false hope in the strong dollar.
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