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February 21, 2012 | Daniel Castro
Debate over use of third-party cookies shows limits of proposed privacy legislation.
February 17, 2012 | Robert D. Atkinson
U.S. needs to take more action domestically and internationally to contain Chinese trade practices that could harm the global trading system.
February 16, 2012 | Matthew Stepp
The next ten and half months hold little promise of Congress producing a coherent national clean energy strategy.
February 13, 2012 | Matthew Stepp
The FY2013 proposal would increase top-line investments in key DOE energy innovation-related offices.
February 7, 2012 | Stephen Ezell
ITIF takes on Christina Romer’s argument the United States does not need a national manufacturing strategy.
February 3, 2012 | Robert D. Atkinson
If we’ve come this far (or low) that a policy to help ALL manufacturers is industrial policy, then essentially neoclassical economists are saying that all policies need to be completely neutral between industries.
January 31, 2012 | Daniel Castro
Privacy advocates continue to inflate criticism as Google changes its privacy settings.
January 26, 2012 | Stephen J. Norton, Stephen Ezell, Matthew Stepp and Robert D. Atkinson
ITIF affirmed it praise for the President's focus on competitiveness but makes the case for more robust R&D, tax, trade and energy.
January 25, 2012 | Robert D. Atkinson
It's time for many to stop circulating the myth technology will destroy jobs. Technology actually has the opposite effect on productivity and job growth.
January 25, 2012 | Robert D. Atkinson
A weaker dollar could help U.S. manufacturers become more competitive and keep jobs at home.
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