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August 2, 2012 | Daniel Castro
A comparison of the privacy policies of presidential candidates' websites.
August 2, 2012 | Robert D. Atkinson
The conventional wisdom that U.S. manufacturing job loss is simply a result of productivity-driven restructuring (akin to how U.S. agriculture lost jobs but remains healthy) is fundamentally flawed.
July 30, 2012 | Clifton Yin and Matthew Stepp
U.S. Department of Energy investments in carbon fiber R&D have been essential in spurring a booming industry.
July 25, 2012 | Richard Bennett
The NAF's Open Technology Institute report "The Cost of Connectivity" offers a misleading and inaccurate critique of U.S. broadband service for a variety of reasons.
July 25, 2012 | Robert D. Atkinson
The TSA should consider providing expedited service with a fee to benefit both the travelers and the TSA.
July 23, 2012 | Justin Hicks
Pharmaceutical proliferation leads to longer, wealthier lives.
July 20, 2012 | Robert D. Atkinson
Americans face a choice as a country: we can either keep focusing on maximizing present consumption, especially by older people, or we can focus on maximizing production so we can afford the critical investments in innovation.
July 20, 2012 | Clifton Yin
Recent move by the Chinese city of Xinyu could be a harbinger of things to come unless strong action is taken.
July 19, 2012 | Robert D. Atkinson
The federal government should support the designation of a core of approximately 20 leading “manufacturing universities.”
July 18, 2012 | Clifton Yin
Company’s halting of thin-film solar manufacturing and return to tech development is very revealing.
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